June Show

Our regular bi-monthly show is due to be held on Saturday the 1st of June! Entries are due by Wednesday 29th May. There will be NO LATE ENTRIES on the day, so please be extra careful. Late entries are causing too many delays and we need to stop accepting them.

An important note about this show. We held our AGM at the end of last year and a few Committee positions were decided in a temporary fashion, to get the club back to its feet. Now we are there, we need to work out some more permanent arrangements. In essence, we need a few more people to give us some of their time ongoing, to help with organisation, show prep, official club business, and so forth. It’s not a huge commitment, but we do need to make sure the club is taken care of. So, if you love this club, PLEASE COME TO THE JUNE SHOW.

Camden Pet Fair

“The Sydney University Faculty of Veterinary Science is hosting a major pet fair at the Camden campus pet hospitals. The Avian Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital and the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Camden are combining to showcase responsible pet care and veterinary treatment for a wide range of animals.

The pet fair will be held on Sunday 5th May 2013 at the 410 and 415 Werombi Road, Camden hospitals. It is planned to be a huge day that will attract members of the public from a wide range of circles and a range of family activities will be planned as well. The day will run from 10.00am till 2.00pm.”

The AusRFS (NSW) have been invited to put on a display at the Camden Pet Fair, which is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the club, and the proper care and keeping of rats and mice. We have accepted the invitation, and are very excited about being offered this opportunity!

If anyone would like to join us, in bringing your rats or mice, and a display for the fair, please email info@ausrfsnsw.com. It sounds like it will be a great day!