Become an Associate Breeder

Associate Breeder is for those still wanting to be registered with the club, but cannot meet the number of shows required each year.

If you meet the below criteria and would like to be considered for associate breeder status, please email us with the following info:

  • The date you joined the club as a financial member (must be at least 12 months ago)
  • A list of the physical shows (at least one in the last 24 months) at which you have attended and either:
    • exhibited animals bred under your prefix
    • OR sat with a judge for the day and watched them judge either rats, mice, or both (dependent on what rodents you are breeding). 
  • A list of the virtual shows you have exhibited rodents bred under your prefix in (at least one in the past 24 months). 
  • A list of the NFRS workshops you have attended in the past 12 months (must be at least 1)
  • The details you want to be listed on the register if you are approved (your rodentry name; whether you breed rats and/or mice; any contact info you want listed; website and/or Facebook page).

The following criteria must also be met:

  • Must undergo a breeding setup inspection via Zoom before registration and yearly.
  • Must complete a breeding questionnaire before registration.
  • Must agree to the show and ethical standards set out by the NFRS, ensuring their animals are positively contributing to the future of the fancy.
  • Must make a positive contribution to the club, either in person or online, e.g. helping educate the public, submitting website content, making Facebook posts, advertising, and/or interstate representation (if applicable). 
  • Different Membership Fees. Single: $65. Family: $85

Associate breeders will be listed on the website under their state and associate and be able to sell rodents at shows. They will not be able to advertise animals directly for sale in the Facebook group, but may advertise their rodentry as a whole. 

The associated breeders’ list is reviewed each year at the AGM. If any associated breeder has not;

  • Renewed their financial membership
  • Exhibited or attended at least 1 NFRS physical and 1 virtual show in the last 24 months
  • Organised/attended a yearly virtual rodentry tour
  • And attended at least 1 NFRS workshop in the last 12 months; 

Then their associate breeder status will be forfeit, and the above criteria will need to be re-met.