2020 Committee Members

The current members of the NSW Fancy Rodent Society Inc Committee are listed below. Please feel free to chat to any of them if you have any questions, or can offer some help yourself. We’re always looking for enthusiasm and assistance! The usual point of contact for official matters is the Public Officer – please see the Contact Us page for more info.

If you would like to make a nomination for a committee position, please use the Committee Nomination Form.

President: Wendy Culshaw
Vice President: Sandra McLean
Secretary: Bree Carter
Treasurer: Dianne Osborne
Public Officer: Hollie Winter
General Committee Members: Wendy Culshaw, Samuel Dittmer, Rachel Sydenham

Member Bios

President – Wendy Culshaw: I have been a member of the Rodent Club for many years but have owned mice as pets for a long time before this, starting with a boy called Whiskers when I was 14. I am not a breeder,  I prefer to get lovable pets from others in the Club. I work in IT and in my spare time I love traveling, getting the enjoyment from cycle touring and seeing new places at a slow pace.


Vice-President – Sandra McLean: I am the owner of Lucy Lou Rodentry, I have been involved with the Club since 2013, the hobby started with me hand raising 3 lovely Rattus Rattus found in my shed. I am retired after clipping horses professionally for over 40 years and now repair horse rugs to support my rodent family. My other hobbies apart from rats and mice extend to horses, chooks and growing things.


Secretary – Bree Carter: I have been an active judge, breeder and exhibitor with NFRS since 2021. My rodentry is located in Western Sydney.


Treasurer – Dianne Osborne: I have been a Club member since 2008. I rescued my first rat Scabbers in 2002. I work full-time in the family business. Apart from Rats, I am also the proud owner of Cats, Lorikeets, Chickens, Guinea Fowl and Horses. When I have spare time I like to sew, go to Rodeos. Apart from showing Rats I also show chickens. We do Club runs with the Jaguar Drivers Club and I like to cook. I run Oz Rats.


Public Officer –


Committee –


Committee – Rachel Sydenham: I own Rattikins Rattery and Rattikins Small Animal Boarding and work in Customer Service . I am qualified in different animal fields specialising in small animal care. I have owned and bred rats since 1992 specialising in coats types & colour pattern marking genes. I am the Small Mammals Rep for Animal Care Australia. In my spare time I draw, paint and ride my horse in Medieval displays and events.



Club Documentation

Meeting Minutes

The Committee gathers at most shows to discuss official matters, and are required to post the minutes from these meetings for public perusal. If you have any questions about a meeting and the minutes are not yet posted here, please feel free to contact the Public Officer.