Welcome to the ORSM Online Rodent Show Management tool. This tool allows you to register as a new exhibitor, enter an NFRS rat and mouse show as an existing exhibitor, record scores as a show judge, and process scores on show day as a scorer.

Please be gentle – this is a brand new thing that has been made from scratch and is very much a work in progress! If you have any problem using it or find any bugs, please email us.

1. Register as an exhibitor

All exhibitors must register into the ORSM system. This is separate from joining the NFRS club membership. You only need register once. If you need to update your details (eg. phone number) please email us.

2. Submit your entries

You can submit your mouse show entries, rat show entries and pet & specialty entries here. You can submit in multiple batches, so if you forget to enter one, just fill out the form again for that one. You will need your exhibitor number to submit entries.

3. View all entries to confirm

You can view current show entries at any time. To view just your entries, enter your exhibitor number into the form. To view all entries, leave the exhibitor number field blank.